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Super Magnet, Crystal Clear iPhone Case

Super Magnet, Crystal Clear iPhone Case


None Yellowing: Guaranteed to stay clear and shining to give the best look for your phone.

MagSafe-Compatible Charging, provide easy and fast place-and-go wireless charging that is fully compatible with MagSafe

Strong Magnetic Lock: strong built-in magnets ensure a secure lock with any MagSafe-style chargers or accessories

Military-Grade Drop Protection: Air-Guard corners ensure certified military-grade drop protection for your iPhone keeping it safe from just about anything life throws at you

Screen and Camera Protection: The raised screen edges and ESR’s exclusive Camera Guard lens frame design help protect your screen and camera from scratches

Tough Acrylic Back: 3X more scratch resistant than polycarbonate and resists yellowing to keep your phone looking clean and fresh

  • Return & Refund Info

    30-Days money back guaranteed with notification 3 days from the date of delivery.

    Check out the Shipping and Returns policy for further details.

  • Shipping Info

    Ships within 3 - 5 Business Days.

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