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When we were all in lockdown for the pandemic, we realized that we got accustomed to being lazy and not caring about our overall appearance. We're sure you can agree... let's face it, we didn't go out, we didn't see our friends or family, and we had no reason to get all dolled up for nothing. 

But as we began integrating our lives with Zoom meetings, and as we slowly began to get our freedom back, we were too worried about being out in public again and too lazy to go sit in a salon and waste our time or our money. This is where the idea behind this project came from.

The idea behind Bitarios is to provide everyday glamor opportunities to people looking to express themselves in their own way. The easy-to-use products were a great way to make a statement without paying high salon prices.

We have been blessed to see that our customers have continued to count on us to deliver great quality on time and at a very affordable price.


To all our existing customers, THANK YOU, and to all our future customers, we look forward to serving you and helping you look your best!  

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